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Shiatsu Bodywork for People

One-hour shiatsu sessions done on a table, with clothes on, no oils are used. Other energy modalities are used as needed or requested.

Shiatsu Bodywork for Animals

One-half to one-hour sessions of shiatsu and other energy body work techniques for dogs, cats and horses.

Animal Communication

Telephone or in-person conversations where you ask your animals questions and Ronni tells you their answers.

Chair Massage

Chair massage for corporations, universities and other institutions as well as Special Event Chair Massage.

Wellness Products

For use by people and animals - Flower essences help heal emotions before they manifest in the body as physical symptoms; Homeopathy offers a natural treatment of many conditions and symptoms without the side effects of drugs.

Seminars Classes

One hour to 12 hour classes in shiatsu for people and for animals; One-half hour to 2 hour seminars that teach stretches for the workplace, and energy enhancing self-massage.