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People Massage:

"You are a true healer." -DB

"You know exactly where and how to touch. You have intelligent hands." -SM

"I have been to many massage therapists, and this is the best massage I've ever had. My headache is gone." -JT

Animal Massage:

"Roxy is doing very well. She leaps up now in the morning. She is not dragging like she was and she's not limping. And the treatment is lasting!" -KS

"Ronni's intuitive skills enable her to know what my animal needs and to apply it to create an effective massage." -MH

" I brought T. to Ronni for a massage before the Working Group. I knew this dog needed to open his stride up to his normal potential. After his massage he glowed and moved beautifully, landing a Group 1. Ronni showed me how to massage him myself to achieve the results I want. That year T. was 9th Rottweiler Breed/owner/handler and 4th Rottweiler in Canada. T. can never pass Ronni's booth without edging over to see her." -LD

"My Norwich Terrier was shaking, had a stiff neck, his jaw was too tight and he was holding back. Ronni did some fascia and craniosacral work on his neck and jaw. His jaw bite relaxed, the shaking stopped, he stopped holding back and was exploring with vigor. She knew where to go and where to put her hands. I've had a lot of dog massage done to my dogs. Ronni is very good, better than the others I have worked with." -DW

Animal Communication:

"The Golden Cord Technique worked. L came home 24 hours after we talked (he had been missing for 3 weeks). He's happy, clean, alittle thinner and glad to be in familiar surroundings. Thank you very much for your help and support. I will be happy to recommend your services any time." -HH

"A friend took her dog to Ronni. Ronni was told nothing about the dog's past, just that the dog was not himself. Ronni talked to the dog. He told her he had an odd feeling in the ears and it was uncomfortable. Ronni showed my friend how to massage around the earÖ The dog had just been flown in and was experiencing pressure from the flight. What a difference in his attitude in the next 24 hours. He was back to his fun loving self." -JZ


"I really enjoyed the Do-In class. I wanted to let you know that my Mom really got a lot out of the class. She has a chronic nerve condition in her feet, which makes them hurt all the time. Drugs don't help. Since she started doing the exercises on her feet, her pain is much less and she is able to sleep at night." -LH

Equilite Flower Essences:

..."I purchased several flower essence products from you at... for use with a young Terrier who is a fear barker... I gave him a single drop of Ego Builder. That evening he was quiet. I have continued the Ego Builder and his demeanor is definitely different; he still barks but not that non-stop barking that he would normally have done"...