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Animal Communication

  • Animal Communication

Animal Communication

What is it?
Animal communication is establishing a telepathic connection with your animal. Ronni receives impressions, thoughts, images and feelings from your animal. An analogy is that of a cell phone. You dial a number and somehow you get the right person. It's the same with animal communication. You tell Ronni the name, coloring, age, gender, and location of your animal and she connects to her.

The communication helps you to understand what your animal thinks, feels, wants, needs and why he is acting the way he does. Almost all animals want to participate in the conversation. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many problems are cleared up with a little communication between species. Ronni can only tell you what the animal wants to say. She is a translator. She does not predict the future. This does not substitute for veterinary care. Ronni does not diagnose. She describes the physical sensations your animal lets her see.

Animal communication is not the gift of a few. We all have this ability. It is a skill that needs practice to develop. You probably already do it some or a lot of the time. You just donít call it that.

How to set up a session:
Call or email Ronni to set up an appointment. Gather your questions in advance so you can best use your time. Call Ronni at the scheduled time. She will relay your questions and then give you your animal's answers. You can talk to as many animals as you wish, both alive and already passed over. Sessions are $25 for each 15-minute interval. You can pay by check or by Visa or MasterCard.

Appointments can be paid for in advance in the Store.


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